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4 Ways to Make Your Clothes Soft & Cuddly

4 Ways to Make Your Clothes Soft & Cuddly

Use dryer balls as part of your washing routine

Dryer balls are a wonderful, reusable alternative to dryer sheets. They keep your clothes soft, help get rid of wrinkles, and even reduce the time it takes for your items to dry.

Though dryer sheets can make your clothes soft, they are often full of chemicals, and you can only use each sheet once. So get yourself a set of reusable, chemical-free dryer balls to help get your laundry the softest it has even been. 

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Clean your washing machine once a month

If your laundry is not coming out soft or smelling fresh, your washing machine might be dirty. Over time, washers can grow mold, mildew, and other pathogens. It is important to clean your washer once a month.

Some people like to clean the drum with vinegar, run the washer in a super hot cycle, or use washing machine cleaning tablets. Washing machine cleaning tablets are designed to get rid of the residue in your washer, and they even clean places you might not be able to reach or see!

Be picky about your detergent

Sometimes clothes come out of the washer feeling hard, crunchy, or just not soft. This might be because you are using too much detergent.

Make sure you are using a detergent that suits your needs. Consider switching if it is not, and double-check that you are measuring your detergent with the included cup. Using too much detergent can actually wear out your clothing, as well as leave stains on your clothes or prevent your washing machine from draining completely.

Use fabric softener or vinegar

Some people swear by fabric softeners, and fabric softeners can do wonders for dirty, smelly, rough laundry. However, sometimes too much is being used, and it could potentially irritate your skin. So some people use vinegar in their wash instead.

Vinegar will not stink up your laundry, and it magically makes things softer. For example, if your towels seem to not have much fluff left to them, you can revitalize them by washing them in vinegar! The towels will come out feeling soft, fluffy, non-vinegary, and like brand new. Vinegar can be magical when it comes to cleaning and softening all sorts of laundry.

Be sure to follow these tips and keep an eye on the cleanliness of your laundry room and tools. This can make a big difference in the cleanliness and feel of your laundry.