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9 Reasons to Never Use Fabric Softener Again – and What to Do Instead

Laundry Balls

9 Reasons to Never Use Fabric Softener Again - and What to Do Instead

Laundry Balls

While fabric softener is the usual go-to for getting laundry soft, static- and wrinkle-free, it comes with a high price tag, in many ways. Fabric softener works by leaving a thin, waxy coating behind that softens and prevents static by reducing the friction between fabrics. This coating also causes all the problems.

You need a safe and effective fabric softener solution for the washing machine. Read on to learn why you should ditch the fabric softener, and what to use instead.

9 Reasons to Eliminate Fabric Softener

1. Irritates sensitive skin. Fabric softeners contain artificial fragrance and other harmful chemicals. However, since ingredients don't have to be listed on the product label, you have no way of knowing what's inside.

2. Reduces flame-retardant properties of children's clothing. Studies have found that liquid fabric softeners can make fabrics more flammable.

3. Weakens swimwear, lingerie, and skinny jeans. Basically, it affects anything made of lycra, spandex, nylon, polyester, or blended synthetic fibers. These fabrics are designed to absorb very little water so they'll dry quickly, but the lingering residue from fabric softener attracts moisture and prevents drying. This can lead to a musty odor or even mold growth.

4. Stains clothing. Fabric softener instructions include a caution to never pour directly onto clothing. This is because fabric softener can stain some fabrics. Also, over time, the waxy build-up may cause yellowing on your whites.

5. Locks in bacteria and odor. Rather than releasing bacteria and odors, fabric softener locks them in. This is why workout clothes can come out of the wash still smelling bad.

6. Reduces the absorbency of towels and microfibers. Once these fabrics absorb the waxy residue, they lose their ability to attract and trap moisture, dust, and dirt.

7. Reduces wicking properties in sportswear. Wicking technology is designed to absorb sweat from your skin and keep you dry when you work out. However, the residual coating eliminates that ability.

8. Harms the environment. Fabric softeners often rely on harmful chemicals like QACs to achieve results. QACs don't biodegrade easily, especially in water, and can be toxic to the aquatic environment.

9. Leaves a residue in the machine. Not only does this mean you should clean the inside of your washing machine regularly, but some will get transferred to the next load, whether you want it to or not.


A fabric softener balls for the washing machine is the perfect solution. Containing several kinds of little ceramic balls that work together to get your laundry clean without detergent, the OdorCrush? Washing Machine Ball will also soften your laundry.

With a lifetime use of over 1,000 loads per washer ball, think of the money you will save! And then there's the convenience of not having to lug those big plastic containers home from the store.


Fabric softener is not necessary to soften clothes and can instead cause many problems. To soften your entire laundry load, toss one or more OdorCrush Washing Machine Balls into the wash . Our washer balls are safe for sensitive skin, eliminate bacteria-causing odor, and are safe on your clothes and the environment.