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5 Most Common Laundry Problems: Solved!

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5 Most Common Laundry Problems: Solved!

Let’s look at the five most common laundry problems and how to solve them.

Doing laundry isn’t complicated. It’s also not as simple as throwing dirty laundry into the washing machine and leaving it at that. Often, when we pull clothes out of the washer or dryer, they don’t look – or smell – the way they should.

1. Pilling

Pilling” is those tiny bumps on fabric that makes almost new garments look tacky and old.



Pilling can happen when fabrics with short, weak, fuzzy fibers (towels, fleece, etc.) rub against fabrics with long, strong fibers (sheets and most synthetics).


For existing pills, run a hand-held, battery-powered razor along the surface of the bumpy material. Sharp blades will snip off those pills evenly. Be sure to lay the fabric on a firm surface so the razor can easily trim those annoying pills.

2. Colors Bleeding

Garments come with instructions on how to care for them for a good reason! Ignore at your own risk.

laundry products



3. Poor Absorbency

Your bath or kitchen towels aren’t as absorbent as they used to be. There’s a common culprit.



Excessive use of liquid fabric softener. Fabric softener leaves behind a coating on every item. This coating works to repel water, so your towels simply can’t absorb water like they used to.


Omit fabric softener altogether and let dryer balls soften your towels naturally in the dryer instead.

4. Smelly Wash

You know exactly what I mean – that musty odor that shouldn’t be coming from your freshly washed laundry.

smells the fresh clean laundry in the washing machine


A dirty washing machine. Cleaning your washing machine may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s necessary if you want clean clothes and a sanitary environment to wash them in.


Clean your washing machine regularly. Simply drop a washing cleaner tablet into an empty hot wash, Normal cycle, and let it do the work for you. Your washing machine will work more efficiently, and your clothes will come out cleaner.

5. Static Cling

I know it’s fun looking for missing socks and underwear inside other dryer items. Maybe not so much fun, however, having your clothes cling awkwardly to your body or feeling that little electrical pop when you touch something metal.
washing machine


Synthetic fiber clothing rubbing against each other in the dryer.


Forget the fabric softener sheets and go with wool dryer balls. Our all-natural Dryer Boost dryer balls remove static by separating each item, also speeding up drying time. At OdorCrush, we have natural and practical solutions to all your laundry problems.

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