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How to Clean a Washing Machine 101

How to Clean a Washing Machine 101

At one point in time, humans had to wash laundry by hand. People had to dip their hands in dirty smelly water on a regular basis. Laundry took a lot of time and was a stinky process—until the modern washing machine came along.
The washer takes dirty, smelly items, and cleans them until they are spotless. This comes at a price, though. When you are putting dirty items in and they are coming out clean, the dirt, grime, and smell have to go somewhere. Some of it drains off, but some of it stays in your machine, eventually leaving you wondering how to clean a smelly washing machine.
So what is the best way to choose how to clean your washing machine? You can not take it outside and simply hose it off. So let’s get back to basics and talk more about how washers get dirty, and how you can clean them.

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Why does your washer smell?

Because your washer is a wet, and sometimes dark environment, mold, mildew and more can pile up and grow in your washing machine. These pathogens do have an odor and feel to them. So you might smell, see, or even feel them on the components of your washer. 

Why is the washer grimy?

Besides the pathogens mentioned above, all of the dirt, and who knows what else all over your clothes, ends up all over the inside of your washer. A lot of it drains away, but sometimes (we are looking at you front loaders) water and grime can collect at the bottom of the washer and get stuck in the underside of the door, as well as in the door seal. It can make for a grimy mess.

So how do you clean it quickly?

Some places recommend everything from baking soda to wiping down your washer by hand to quickly clean it. The truth is, though, the fastest, easiest way is to use washing machine cleaning tablets. Simply toss the tablet in, run the wash cycle, and you’re all set. There is no measuring and no stressing—just a clean and fresh smelling washer.

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How long will the clean last?

You should be cleaning your washer monthly in order to keep it running smoothly. However, if you use a washing machine cleaning tablet, it will keep your washer smelling great for six weeks. So you have a little more wiggle room when using tablets to clean your washer.

Don’t want to use harsh chemicals?

No problem. Odor Crush washing machine cleaning tablets do not use any harsh chemicals and they are all-natural. So you will not have a chemical smell in your washer, and you can be at ease knowing that your family is safe from any potentially harmful chemicals.

There are other things you can do to reduce stinky smells and grime in your washer, such as leaving the door of the washer open so that it can air out. However, this isn’t full-proof. The only way to know your washer is getting clean is to use washing machine cleaning tablets.