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How to Clean & Care for Your Washing Machine to Keep it Working Like New

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Tips to Take Care and Clean Your Washing Machine

Properly cleaning and maintaining your washing machine is a surefire way to keep it working like new for years to come. Washing machine upkeep is easy to overlook with everything else that you have on your to-do list, and luckily there are a lot of quick and easy ways to stay on top of caring for this essential home appliance.

Do Not Overload

While it can be tempting to get that last load finished as quickly as possible and get just a few more items of clothing in, you’ll want to take extra care to not overload your washer. Not only does it make it more difficult to fully wash your clothes, but it also adds extra, unnecessary stress to parts of your washer, such as the motor and the tub, and can eventually result in a costly repair. Divide up your clothing into more manageable loads.

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Clean It Inside and Out

Between dust, spilled detergent and fabric softener splotches, the outside of your washer is bound to need a wipe down every now and then. Just as important as it is to keep the outside clean, keeping the inside fresh will help keep your laundry smelling good and your washing machine working longer. Our washing machine cleaner tablets dissolve unwanted residue and help maintain your washer, preventing possible laundry issues in the future.

Make Sure It’s Level

Is your washing machine sitting on a level surface? Does it need a tray to keep it in place? If your machine is on an uneven surface, it can cause some major issues over time. It will cause your washer to rock back and forth while in use, damaging the floor and walls around the machine, as well as causing leaks and mechanical issues that can lead to pricey repairs, and may even necessitate purchasing a new washer.

Keep the Door Open

How many of you are slamming that washing machine door closed with a big grin after moving your clothes to the dryer? As satisfying as that feels, keeping the door to your washer open after a load could make a big difference for your appliance. It lets excess moisture leave the machine, reducing the possibility of mold and mildew in your washing machine.

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Use the Right Amount of Detergent

Be mindful of how much detergent you’re using per load. A good rule of thumb is to use a tablespoon of detergent each time. Using too much detergent can result in spots and residue left on your clothing, and can make it difficult for your washer to properly drain. This makes your clothing wetter and heavier, which in turn puts more stress on certain parts of your washing machine, such as the pump and motor.

So as you carry on with your daily to-do list, consider what small steps you can take today to help maintain your washing machine. As one of your most used, if not the most used appliance in your home, it deserves the best care and maintenance to keep it running smoothly.