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Learn How to Fold Clothes and Other Laundry like A Pro

how to fold your laundry
how to fold your laundry
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Learn How to Fold Clothes and Other Laundry Like a Pro

Unless you don't mind wearing wrinkled clothing and sleeping in wrinkled sheets, you'll need to know how to fold your clothes.

While it isn’t a task most of us enjoy (although it can be a bit Zen-like if you’re in the right frame of mind), it’s a skill anyone can learn. The key is finding a method that works for you and your situation, and then sticking with it.

We’ll look at how to fold various clothing and other laundry items, maybe even more than one way. In this post, we’ll be laying down the foundation.

Why Do I Need to Fold My Laundry?

If you’re thinking that folding laundry seems a bit like dusting, as in what’s the point since you’re only going to need to do it again, we get it. However, there are enough benefits from folding your laundry that make it worth your time.

  • Your appearance is enhanced. If you want to impress someone, or just want a boost to your self-esteem, fold. Your clothes will look a whole lot better when you need them.
  • It’s easier to find what you need. Instead of having to hunt through a pile of clean but rumpled clothes, you know just where to look because you’ve taken the time to fold and put them away properly.
  • Your clothes will last longer. It’s true, taking care of things makes them last longer.
  • You’ll have more space. There’s a physics principle here somewhere.
  • External order brings internal peace. You may not realize it, but when things are wrinkled and unkempt, it’s a bit distracting to the mind, like clutter.
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Tips to Reduce Wrinkles Before Folding

  • Use cool or cold water in the wash and rinse cycles.
  • Don’t overdry clothes in the dryer.
  • Use all-natural Dryer Boost Dryer Balls to soften clothes and help reduce wrinkles.
  • Remove laundry from the dryer while still warm.
    If you can’t fold items immediately, lay them out flat until you can get to them.

How to Fold Your Laundry

There are many ways to fold the same item, from the fabulous Marie Kondo method to packing for travel. From the way your mother showed you to the restrictions of your closet or drawers. None of these are wrong, but it does help to pick one method and stick with it.

Fold Your Laundry
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In Part 2, we'll get into the exact process for folding shirts, pants, towels, sheets, and yes, even underwear and socks.


There are many benefits that come with taking just a little extra time to properly fold your laundry. There is also more than one “right” way of folding.

Following a method makes the process quick and easy once you get the hang of it. You will enjoy being organized and able to find whatever you need easily and quickly. You’ll also be able to fit more in less space, and you’ll look really sharp!

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At Odor Crush, we're here to help make laundry day easier for you, naturally. Let us know if you have any questions or comments!