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Sustainable Spring Cleaning: 4 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips & Tricks for Your Home

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Sustainable Spring Cleaning:

4 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips & Tricks for Your Home

With the arrival of spring, many of us are considering what we can do to freshen up our homes. This could mean a fresh coat of paint on the walls, or perhaps a fun DIY project. If deep cleaning is what comes to mind for you, we have some of the very best eco-friendly cleaning tips and tricks to help take your spring cleaning to the next level.

Spring Cleaning, Everyday Items, Incredible Results


There are many things that you likely already have in your home that can produce an amazing outcome when used the right way. Do you have a few lemons in your pantry? Cut one in half and set it in your refrigerator to keep it smelling fresh. Remove food stains from your wooden cutting board by sprinkling salt over the top and scrubbing it with a sliced lemon, juicy side down. Add some salt and lemon juice to your toilet bowl for a more natural way to clean your toilet.

Another common item to consider is baking soda. Use it to clean the grout in your tile, sprinkle some on a damp cloth and use it as a multi-purpose cleaner, and use it to unclog your drains. You can even remove grease from your pans with it. Just sprinkle a bit on your pots and pans and then pour boiling vinegar over them, let it sit for a half hour and then scrub away.

Environmentally-Safe Commercial Products

We have quite a few options for eco-friendly cleaning products available in stores and online. In your search for sustainable cleaning products, keep an eye out for things like non-hazardous ingredients and the recycling symbol on the bottle or packaging. Here at OdorCrush, we pride ourselves on using eco-friendly detergents in our washing machine cleaner tablets, leaving no chance of exposure to harsh or harmful chemicals

Make Your Own Cleaning Products

If you’re struggling to find a multi-purpose cleaner or cleaning product that meets your needs, you could consider making your own! It’s a lot less complicated than you might think, and that way you know exactly what’s in the ingredients and chemicals you’re using in your home. There are plenty of easy-to-follow recipes out there involving everyday items, such as vinegar, castile soap, and citrus peels. Even combining water and baking soda will work wonders as a multi-purpose cleaner. Add some sprigs of rosemary to bump up the scent and you’re good to go!

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An Eco-Friendly Home

Making the right choices to preserve the environment doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. It’s likely you have many of the supplies you need available at your fingertips, or they can be attained with a quick trip to the store. Be conscious of what you’re using to clean your home, and maintain peace of mind knowing that you’re using eco-friendly products. Happy cleaning!