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The Cure for Static Cling

The Cure for Static Cling

Are you tired of having to pull apart your socks, underwear, shirts, and sheets when you remove them from the dryer? Or putting something on only to find it clinging to your body?

Unfortunately, we’ve all experienced the problem of stubborn static cling. But what causes it, and what’s the best way to eliminate it?

What Causes Static Cling?

Static electricity is the result of an imbalance between negative and positive charges in an object. These charges build up on the surface until they find a way to discharge. Negative charges transfer when certain materials rub against each other.

This is what happens in your dryer. Items are tumbling around and rubbing up against each other, building up an electrostatic charge.

One more step for static cling to happen – when charged electrons aren’t strong enough to repel their same-charged electrons (i.e., positive to positive or negative to negative), they cling to each other.


Here’s how to deal with static cling:

Preventing Static Cling

1. Wash synthetic and natural fabrics separately.

Synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon are a significant cause of static cling, so wash them separately. Natural materials like cotton and wool don’t collect electrical charges by themselves, but when mixed with synthetics, they take them on.

2. Hang clothes outside or on a drying rack.

Avoiding the dryer altogether will eliminate static cling.

3. Reduce drying time.

Leave clothes a little damp and then hang them up to finish drying.

4. Use dryer sheets in the dryer.

Those great smelling dryer sheets have been around for decades, imparting scent and some softness to our clothing. Ironically, the sheet material itself is a synthetic, which guarantees not all static will be removed anyway.

And unfortunately, most dryer sheets contain chemicals that transfer to your skin, which may cause an allergic reaction.

If you love DIY projects, you can make your own dryer sheets without harmful chemicals.

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Removing Static Cling

1. Use a small safety pin.

Fasten a small safety pin to the hem of a garment. Metal helps discharge electricity.

2. Use hairspray.

You can spray a bit of hairspray on the inside of your clothing to counteract static cling. Yes, you will smell like your hairspray but good to know in an emergency.

3. Use aluminum foil balls.

Squeeze some aluminum foil into baseball-size balls to add to your dryer load.

They will discharge the electricity but will also make the dryer cycle very noisy. And they won’t do anything to soften your clothes.

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The Best Way to Eliminate Static Cling

The best way to eliminate static cling is before it starts, with Dryer Boost 100% Premium New Zealand wool dryer balls from OdorCrush?.

These wool dryer balls will eliminate static cling and soften your laundry load.

Additional Benefits Include:

Faster drying time.

Dryer Boost dryer balls separate your clothes as they tumble, increasing airflow for faster drying. And shorter drying time means less cost to run your dryer.

Reduces wrinkles and softens your clothes.

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All naturally! Made from 100% Premium New Zealand wool, Dryer Boost dryer balls are reusable, chemical-free, and odor-free.