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Top 5 Reasons Wool Dryer Balls are Better Than Dryer Sheets

better than dryer balls

Top 5 Reasons Wool Dryer Balls are Better Than Dryer Sheets

We want our laundry to come out of the dryer soft, dry, wrinkle-free, and maybe even smelling awesome, right? Maybe you’ve heard of dryer balls but wonder how they compare with dryer sheets?

Let's look at a few key areas:

better than dryer sheet

1. Economical

Dryer balls have a life span of approximately 1,000 loads of laundry. At two loads every week, that means they will last a little over 100 weeks, or about two years. And when you finish one load, just leave them in your dryer for the next one.

Dryer balls also eliminate the need for liquid fabric softener; so, they’re less expensive overall and they make the entire laundry process quicker and easier.

Dryer sheets also eliminate the need for liquid fabric softener, but they have only one use each, so you must continue to purchase them over and over.

2. 100% Natural

Our Dryer Boost wool dryer balls are 100% natural, premium-grade wool from New Zealand sheep. This means there are no added chemicals or other toxic substances to rub off onto your clothing, your bedding, your skin.

It also means our dryer balls are soft and pure enough for even your baby’s cloth diapers – now that’s 100% natural!

Dryer sheets contain harmful ingredients that can be irritating at best, and detrimental to your health at worst.

3. Fragrance-Free

You may be chemically sensitive and don’t want the fragrance chemicals in dryer sheets to rub off onto your clothes and irritate your skin. Or maybe you just don’t want the scent of your clothes to compete with your fragrance. Either way, now you have an option with unscented, premium wool dryer balls.

Dryer sheets contain artificial, chemically created fragrance.

Quick Tip:

If you want to add fragrance to your laundry, you can simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to one or more dryer balls. Let the oil dry for about an hour so the oil doesn’t transfer to your laundry. It won’t stain your clothes or machine, but it may stain the dryer balls.

4. Shorter Dryer Time

Wool dryer balls absorb some of the water from the wet laundry. They also separate your clothes as they’re tossing around with the load, allowing the air to circulate more freely. Shorter drying times translate to lower utility bills. That saves you time and money!

Dryer sheets do nothing to aerate your dryer load, but they do contain a residue that may clog the screen of the lint filter, reducing circulation and increasing drying time.

5. Eco-friendly

Our premium New Zealand wool drying balls are 100% natural and are made from a renewable resource. When they reach their end of life, no harmful chemicals go into the landfill.

Dryer Sheets are polyester sheets that are made to be thrown away after one use, along with every box they come in.


There you have it, a brief overview of the top five reasons wool dryer balls are better than dryer sheets.

If you want the best, you can find our 100% Premium New Zealand wool dryer balls, DryerBoost by OdorCrush , along with all of our laundry products at OdorCrush. Let us know if you have any questions!