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How to Use Laundry Balls for Chemical-Free Washing

Laundry Day Washing Solution

Laundry Day

Washing Solution!

It’s laundry day. You lug a basket filled with dirty laundry to the washing machine and dump everything inside. Then you reach for that big, heavy, economy-size bottle of laundry detergent.

But then you brighten up because you remember you don’t need messy and expensive detergent anymore! Maybe you even do a little happy dance because you know you have a better, cheaper, and easier way to get your clothes sparkling clean.

That can be you!

Introducing: The OdorCrush Laundry Ball

At OdorCrush, we are always at work, developing the most effective natural laundry products for your home and your family. If you’ve experienced our other laundry room products, you’ll be delighted to know that we can now offer you our latest tool for making your laundry day even more effortless.

laundry balls

Enter our newest member, the OdorCrush Laundry Ball. The OdorCrush  Laundry Ball is a revolutionary new way to get your entire laundry load cleaner, faster. It will start saving you money right away – it’s a one-time purchase that will last up to 1,500 wash loads.

Considering the average family runs around 300 loads of laundry each year, each Laundry Ball will last you around five years. And if you only do one load per week, well, you can do the math on that one. Your savings could amount to hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year. Now that’s worth doing a little dance over!

Why Do You Need It?
We're so glad you asked!

With no harmful ingredients or allergens to irritate sensitive skin, it’s also safe for your washing machine and the environment.

Simply use our  Laundry Ball with every load in your usual water temperatures.

How Does It Work?

laundry balls contains bio ceramic

New applications for Bioceramic technology are constantly being discovered. The term bioceramics refer to ceramics that are compatible with human biology. Various ceramics and mineral oxides are mixed and then heated to approximately 3,000 degrees. Once cooled, the material is now a bioceramic.

Bioceramics have been used in medicine to replace bone material in the body and in the mouth, where they are usually rigid but can also be flexible.

The OdorCrush Laundry Ball contains a soft, smooth, non-toxic outer shell that is gentle on your clothing and your washing machine. Sealed inside are four types of little ceramic balls that contain elements with properties that work together to break down and remove dirt, stains, mold, and more, ensuring your laundry comes out fresh and clean.

How Do I Use It?

We make safe and effective natural products that are easy to use. So, it should come as no surprise that all you need to do is toss one or more OdorCrush Laundry Ball into your wash load, choose your settings, and press start. That’s it!

The OdorCrush Laundry Ball will truly revolutionize the way you think about and do laundry.

OdorCrush Laundry Ball
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How Smart Mom Cut Down On Laundry Money and Time

mother knows best

Mother Knows Best: Time Saving & Money Saving Laundry Tips From Real Moms

Moms always seem to have the answers to life’s most pressing questions. Whether you’re needing guidance on which way the shiny side of the aluminum foil should face or seeking advice on how to handle a quarrel with a friend, mom somehow always knows what to do. This certainly rings true when it comes to laundry tips. Check out some of our favorite time-saving and money-saving laundry tips that mom herself would give.

Sort Your Clothes by Weight

While sorting clothing by color is important (we definitely want to avoid a load of whites coming out a mysterious shade of pink), you can save both time and money by sorting your clothing by weight. By separating the lighter clothing from heavier items, such as towels and knit sweaters, you’re able to significantly cut down on drying time.

Use Mesh Bags
Laundry bag with clothes

Keep your smaller and more delicate items safe and separate from your other clothes by using mesh bags. Ideal for things like bras and for keeping socks contained, this is a simple way to cut down on time. Hang the bag on the side of your laundry basket so that as you’re sorting through your items to be washed you can easily throw them in. Once you’re done sorting, toss the mesh bag in the wash with the rest of your clothing and you’re good to go.

Take Care of Your Washing Machine

Keeping your washing machine in tip-top shape is crucial for saving time and money. Use one of our washing machine cleaning tablets to get rid of any unwanted odors and residue. They are extremely easy to use - just toss them in, run a regular cycle with hot water, and you’re good to go. Not only does it give you peace of mind, but it can prevent some potentially expensive repairs down the road.

remove stain
Wash with Cold Water
washing ball in water

There are plenty of benefits to washing your clothes with cold water. Other than the fact that it can save you money, there are certain fabrics and dyes that are best washed with cold water. Your clothing is less likely to shrink, and you’re more likely to successfully remove certain stains, such as blood, when using cold water.

Use the Right Cleaning Products

We can easily spend thousands over the course of our lives on laundry detergent. What if there was a better, more cost-effective way to get our clothes clean? Consider investing in a washer ball ! This naturally cleans and disinfects your clothes without the worry of using harsh chemicals. Best of all, it can be used over and over for literally hundreds of loads of laundry!

washing balls
The Power of Dryer Balls

Swap out your dryer sheets for dryer balls . Not only do dryer balls eliminate the constant need to purchase dryer sheets, but they’re environmentally friendly and can be used for more than 1,000 loads before they need to be replaced. Want to add a scent booster to your load? Try adding a few drops of your favorite essential oils to your dryer balls!

Keep Your Lint Trap Clean

Do your best to get into the habit of consistently cleaning out the lint trap in your dryer. As your dryer works on your clothing, it catches lint and dust and keeps it contained in the lint trap. If you let this build up for too long, it will become more difficult for your clothing to dry, as less air is able to travel through your dryer, forcing you to run your dryer multiple times for one load. A full lint trap can also prove to be a fire hazard, so this is something you will definitely want to be mindful of!

Know How Often to Wash Certain Items

It can become a habit to just toss an article of clothing in the hamper after wearing it once. But did you know that certain items can be worn multiple times before needing a wash? Pieces such as jeans, khaki pants, and dress shirts can be worn various times before needing to make their way through the laundry machine. Even excluding a few items from the load can reduce the time and money spent.

So there you have it! These proven time-saving and money-saving tips are sure to help cut down your laundry budget and give you some extra time in your busy schedule.

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How to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

improve air quality

Easy Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

We're spending a lot more time inside our homes these days. It follows that we're breathing in lots more indoor air - including the many toxins present.

Now is the perfect time to think about the quality of your indoor air and what you can do to improve it.

Indoor Air Quality

Air quality can affect our health in many ways, positively or negatively. And now more than ever, the quality of our indoor air is critical for maintaining good health. There are many categories of toxins, the full scope of which is beyond this article. Here we will address just one category: volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Volatile organic compounds are emitted as gases from many products while in use, but also often passively.

The EPA has stated that concentrations of many VOCs are up to ten times higher indoors than outdoors. This is due to the overwhelming presence of thousands of VOCs in household products.

Interestingly, out of over 400 compounds in the VOC family that have been identified in the home, over 200 can be found in carpeting alone.

Symptoms from Exposure

Common short-term symptoms may include:







More serious long-term symptoms may include:


Allergic reaction

Difficulty breathing

Difficulty breathing

Mold reaction

Burning Stinging eyes

Respiratory disease



respiratory diseases

Clean Air at Home

There are things you can do to improve the air quality in your home. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Identify and eliminate the source.

Get plenty of natural ventilation - open some windows!

Keep areas as dry as possible.

Be sure the dryer vent has a clear path to the outside.

Clean the dryer filter after every load.

Leave the washing machine door open to allow moisture to evaporate.

Place plants throughout your home. If you have small children or pets, be sure they’re out of reach.

Use activated charcoal bags in your laundry room and throughout your home to absorb moisture, bacteria, viruses, and other toxins.

Those last two suggestions deserve further attention.

Indoor Plants

A 1989 study by NASA revealed the toxin-filtering properties of houseplants and activated carbon. They recommend using a variety of at least 15 plants in a typical home. These are some plants that have been noted for their air purification properties:

Peace Lily

Peace Lily

Golden Pathos

Golden Pathos



English ivy

English ivy

Janet Craig

Parlor Palm

Weeping Fig

Bamboo Palm

Gerbera Daisy

Note that some of these plants are poisonous, so use caution if you have small children or pets.

Activated Charcoal

According to the NASA study, it was the combination of houseplants and activated charcoal that had the greatest effect. Activated charcoal is well known to have toxin-absorbing properties, so using them with houseplants is a truly dynamic duo!

Of course, you want the highest quality activated charcoal. At Odor Crush, we make products for the laundry room that are of the purest quality, because we make them with you in mind. Odor Crush Air Purifier Bags are made with activated bamboo charcoal, the most effective, safe, and renewable source of activated charcoal available.

Simply place our Air Purifier Bags throughout your home along with toxin-filtering houseplants and watch the smells, bacteria, and mold disappear.
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7 Tools You Need to Streamline That Dreaded Chore Called Laundry

Washing Machine Cleaner

7 Tools You Need to Streamline That Dreaded Chore Called Laundry

Laundry. You can’t live with it, you can’t live without it. While many would consider this a pretty odious chore, we’ve found some awesome tools that can both simplify and enhance your time spent doing laundry. Looking for ways to improve and simplify your system? Check out some of our favorite items that can streamline your laundry routine!

1. Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets

Before you do anything, make sure your washing machine is in tip-top shape and ready to do the best job possible washing your clothes. Our washing machine cleaner tablets dissolve residue and buildup in parts of your machine that you can’t see, while taking care of unwanted odors that come from mold and limescale. We prioritize using ingredients that are sustainable and eco-friendly, avoiding any potentially harsh chemicals. Prevent future laundry issues and potentially expensive repairs with this easy cleaning solution.

Washing Machine Cleaner
multiple baskets

2. Multiple Baskets

If you aren’t dividing your laundry into baskets, you are missing out. Keep the piles off the floor or bed and keep them contained in baskets that you can easily tuck away in the laundry room or closet as you rotate loads. Whether you’re looking for multiple individual baskets or a rack that holds multiple bags or baskets at once, there are plenty of options to choose from to fit your needs and style.

3. Washer Scent Boosters

Are you looking to give your laundry an extra boost of scent? These scent boosters are a fantastic way to freshen your load as you put it through the washer. Just fill up the included cup with the crystals depending on how large your load is, and sprinkle it in before you start your load. Your clothes will come out smelling fresh as you transfer them to the dryer.

washer scent boosters
mesh bags

4. Mesh Bags

Mesh bags are often used to wash delicate articles of clothing, but have you ever considered using one to keep your socks in one place? There is nothing more annoying than folding a load of laundry and being left with a handful of socks without a match. Throwing all of your socks in a mesh bag is an easy way to keep them all in one place while decreasing the probability of having a pile of lonely socks.

5. Dryer Balls

Swapping out your dryer sheets for dryer balls has been proven to save time and energy, and is very environmentally-friendly. Our dryer balls are made from wool, while dryer sheets are typically made of materials like polyester that contain unwanted chemicals. They shorten drying time by up to 50% and help your clothing come out less wrinkled and more soft. Save money and energy by making the switch to dryer balls. Wanting to add a scent boost to your laundry? Grab your favorite bottle of essential oils and put a drop or two on each dryer ball.


6. Steamer

We all have those articles of clothing that need a little extra care after going through the washer and dryer. I don’t know about you, but I am rarely in the mood to break out the iron and ironing board. If this sounds like you, consider investing in a steamer! Easy to use, store, and travel with, a steamer can save you precious time when you’re in a rush to get that wrinkled shirt or dress taken care of.

7. Shirt Folding Board

There’s just something so pleasing about having a uniform stack of clothing ready to be put away in dressers and drawers. Perfect your folding form by using one of these shirt folders! Easily tucked away and extremely simple to use, this board will change the way you fold laundry and leave you with a satisfying pile of perfectly folded shirts. This is also a wonderful tool to use to help your little ones learn how to fold laundry and lend a helping hand!

shirt folding board

Laundry is one of those chores that is simply unavoidable. But we are confident that these 7 tools can make your life much simpler and can completely streamline the way you do laundry.

Snag these items today and take
your laundry game to the next level!

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How to Teach Your Kids to Help with Laundry

Laundry room

How to Teach to Help with Laundry

Involving your family, especially your kids, in helping around the house while everyone’s still home is a win-win. They learn valuable life skills, and you get help with the work.

But there are many more reasons to teach your kids to help with chores like laundry.

Why Teach Them?

The task of doing laundry is part of being alive. We wear clothes, they get dirty, they need to be cleaned. Simple, right? And yet it’s much more than that.

Think about it - your kids are learning:

Part of our job as parents is to prepare our children to take care of themselves and be able to function within, and contribute to, society. Ability, self-confidence, and respect are necessary for that to happen.

safety first

Safety First

If you have young children, it’s always safety first!

Here are some tips:

  • Be there to supervise.
  • Keep laundry products in their original, sealable containers.
  • Store laundry products safely out of reach of innocent hands, behind child-proof doors, and up high if possible.
  • Be sure they know not to climb inside appliances, ever.
  • Use natural products whenever possible.

How to Teach Them

Assign tasks by age and ability. Even very young children can help according to their stage of physical and mental development. Some tasks for them might include:

  1. Putting their laundry into the hamper.
  2. Sorting by color.
  3. Handing you clothing items for the wash load.
  4. Finding sock matches.
  5. Folding kitchen towels.

And more, all the way up to running a full laundry cycle by themselves, one step at a time. You get the idea.

OdorCrush Washing Machine Cleaner

What to Expect


Don’t expect perfection from your little ones. Their motor skills will improve over time, and you don’t want to discourage them by setting a standard they can’t possibly reach at any given stage of their development.

Help them learn patience by being patient as you show them how to perform a task, and then let them try it themselves. Good enough is good enough in this case! Praise little ones highly, and they will want to do it again and keep learning.

It’s highly likely that no one will do the laundry exactly the way you do, at any age, but that doesn’t make it wrong. Allow them to do it their way and be thankful for the help.

Teaching Teens

Teach Them

Oh, and it’s not too late to teach your teens how to do laundry! Right now is a perfect time while they’re around more. When they do go back to school, off to college, or somewhere else, they will have added valuable life skills to their personal repertoire.

Your teen son may not thank you for it now, but he – and his future wife! – will one day. Either way, doing laundry is a life skill for everyone to learn.

Visit us for more helpful tips on all things laundry related. At Odor Crush, we also offer all-natural and effective laundry solutions for your laundry needs.

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Sustainable Spring Cleaning: 4 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips & Tricks for Your Home

cleaning induction cooker

Sustainable Spring Cleaning:

4 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips & Tricks for Your Home

With the arrival of spring, many of us are considering what we can do to freshen up our homes. This could mean a fresh coat of paint on the walls, or perhaps a fun DIY project. If deep cleaning is what comes to mind for you, we have some of the very best eco-friendly cleaning tips and tricks to help take your spring cleaning to the next level.

Spring Cleaning, Everyday Items, Incredible Results


There are many things that you likely already have in your home that can produce an amazing outcome when used the right way. Do you have a few lemons in your pantry? Cut one in half and set it in your refrigerator to keep it smelling fresh. Remove food stains from your wooden cutting board by sprinkling salt over the top and scrubbing it with a sliced lemon, juicy side down. Add some salt and lemon juice to your toilet bowl for a more natural way to clean your toilet.

Another common item to consider is baking soda. Use it to clean the grout in your tile, sprinkle some on a damp cloth and use it as a multi-purpose cleaner, and use it to unclog your drains. You can even remove grease from your pans with it. Just sprinkle a bit on your pots and pans and then pour boiling vinegar over them, let it sit for a half hour and then scrub away.

Environmentally-Safe Commercial Products

We have quite a few options for eco-friendly cleaning products available in stores and online. In your search for sustainable cleaning products, keep an eye out for things like non-hazardous ingredients and the recycling symbol on the bottle or packaging. Here at OdorCrush, we pride ourselves on using eco-friendly detergents in our washing machine cleaner tablets, leaving no chance of exposure to harsh or harmful chemicals

Make Your Own Cleaning Products

If you’re struggling to find a multi-purpose cleaner or cleaning product that meets your needs, you could consider making your own! It’s a lot less complicated than you might think, and that way you know exactly what’s in the ingredients and chemicals you’re using in your home. There are plenty of easy-to-follow recipes out there involving everyday items, such as vinegar, castile soap, and citrus peels. Even combining water and baking soda will work wonders as a multi-purpose cleaner. Add some sprigs of rosemary to bump up the scent and you’re good to go!

disinfecting door knob

An Eco-Friendly Home

Making the right choices to preserve the environment doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. It’s likely you have many of the supplies you need available at your fingertips, or they can be attained with a quick trip to the store. Be conscious of what you’re using to clean your home, and maintain peace of mind knowing that you’re using eco-friendly products. Happy cleaning!

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How to Clean & Care for Your Washing Machine to Keep it Working Like New

Laundry room interior

Tips to Take Care and Clean Your Washing Machine

Properly cleaning and maintaining your washing machine is a surefire way to keep it working like new for years to come. Washing machine upkeep is easy to overlook with everything else that you have on your to-do list, and luckily there are a lot of quick and easy ways to stay on top of caring for this essential home appliance.

Do Not Overload

While it can be tempting to get that last load finished as quickly as possible and get just a few more items of clothing in, you’ll want to take extra care to not overload your washer. Not only does it make it more difficult to fully wash your clothes, but it also adds extra, unnecessary stress to parts of your washer, such as the motor and the tub, and can eventually result in a costly repair. Divide up your clothing into more manageable loads.

OdorCrush tablet

Clean It Inside and Out

Between dust, spilled detergent and fabric softener splotches, the outside of your washer is bound to need a wipe down every now and then. Just as important as it is to keep the outside clean, keeping the inside fresh will help keep your laundry smelling good and your washing machine working longer. Our washing machine cleaner tablets dissolve unwanted residue and help maintain your washer, preventing possible laundry issues in the future.

Make Sure It’s Level

Is your washing machine sitting on a level surface? Does it need a tray to keep it in place? If your machine is on an uneven surface, it can cause some major issues over time. It will cause your washer to rock back and forth while in use, damaging the floor and walls around the machine, as well as causing leaks and mechanical issues that can lead to pricey repairs, and may even necessitate purchasing a new washer.

Keep the Door Open

How many of you are slamming that washing machine door closed with a big grin after moving your clothes to the dryer? As satisfying as that feels, keeping the door to your washer open after a load could make a big difference for your appliance. It lets excess moisture leave the machine, reducing the possibility of mold and mildew in your washing machine.

washing machine with an open lid in the kitchen

Use the Right Amount of Detergent

Be mindful of how much detergent you’re using per load. A good rule of thumb is to use a tablespoon of detergent each time. Using too much detergent can result in spots and residue left on your clothing, and can make it difficult for your washer to properly drain. This makes your clothing wetter and heavier, which in turn puts more stress on certain parts of your washing machine, such as the pump and motor.

So as you carry on with your daily to-do list, consider what small steps you can take today to help maintain your washing machine. As one of your most used, if not the most used appliance in your home, it deserves the best care and maintenance to keep it running smoothly.

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5 More Laundry Problems: Solved!

laundry approved

5 More Laundry Problems: Solved!

Last week we looked at five of the most common laundry problems and how to solve them. This week we’ll look at five more laundry problems along with their solutions.

1. Soap Residue on Your Clothes

woman checking newly laundry clothes


  • Wash load too full.
  • Too much laundry detergent, especially powdered detergent.
  • Wrong kind of detergent.
  • Hard water.


  • Don’t pack the washing machine.
  • Reduce the amount of detergent. The rinse cycle can rinse out only so much soap. High-efficiency (HE) washers use less water and need less detergent than traditional machines.
  • Wash light and dark items separately.
  • Separate by fabric type: cottons and whites in hot water, synthetics in warm or cool water.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the right kind and amount of detergent for your machine.
  • If hard water is the culprit, try using a water softener.


  • Not enough detergent.
  • Water temperature too cold.
  • Dye color bleeding.
  • Overuse of bleach on white cotton or synthetic fabrics. Bleach weakens the fibers, returning synthetic material to its original color, yellow.
  • Too much detergent or fabric softener. If not properly rinsed, dryer heat can “bake” the residue into the fabric, turning them grey or yellow.


  • Use more detergent or a detergent booster.
  • Increase the water temperature as appropriate for the material and color.
  • Wash dark and light colors separately.
  • Try using oxygen-based bleach.
  • Reduce the amount of detergent and fabric softener.

2. Yellowing or Graying

woman holding a clothes prepared to wash

3. Clothes Shrinking

Stack of T Shirt


  • Water temperature too hot.
  • Dryer heat too hot.
  • Garment requires dry cleaning only.


  • Reduce the water temperature.
  • Adjust the heat setting on the dryer.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s care instructions on the garment.


  • Mixing light and dark colors. Mixing lint-producing fabrics with those that attract lint..
  • Dryer temperature too hot.
  • Over-drying.
  • Clogged lint filters.
  • Tissues left in pockets.


  • Separate light from dark colors. Dark colors tend to shed more than lighter colors in the beginning due to longer processing time in the dyeing machine.
  • Separate fleece, flannel, and new terry cloth towels from synthetic blends, corduroys, and dark colors.
  • Set dryer temperature to Warm.
  • Don’t over-dry towels.
  • Keep washer and dryer lint filters clean.
  • Be sure pockets are empty.

4. Excessive Lint

Lint is caused by fibers breaking or getting pulled off from the fabric. Some lint is normal, but if it’s excessive, there’s a problem.

lint on clothes

5. Wrinkles

Pulling wrinkled clothes out of the dryer is frustrating. You now have four not-so-great options:

  • Iron them (eek!).
  • Re-do from the beginning, back into the Wash cycle.
  • Steam them in the bathroom with a hot shower running.
  • Wear them wrinkled.
wrinkley clothes


  • Mixing large, heavy items with lightweight, delicate materials in the wash and dryer
  • Overloading the dryer
  • Using dryer sheets.
  • Using the wrong dryer setting, usually too hot.
  • Leaving clothes in the dryer after the cycle stops.


  • Wash and dry heavy, large items separately from lightweight materials.
  • Don’t overfill dryer load.
  • Use dryer balls to separate items for better air circulation and fewer wrinkles.
  • Check dryer settings are appropriate for the load.
  • Use Permanent Press for a gradual cool-down cycle for synthetic fabrics.
  • Remove and put clothes away at the end of the cycle.
  • OdorCrush has all-natural solutions for all your laundry needs. Visit us today!
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How to Do Laundry During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Laundry room

How to Do During the Corona Virus Pandemic

The infamous coronavirus has left us all feeling a bit more careful and wanting to take a bit more care in many of our everyday activities, including caution in how to do laundry.

You may be asking questions such as: “What are the best practices for staying safe while handling my dirty clothing?”, “Can I wash clothing that has been contaminated with clothing that hasn’t been contaminated?”, or “Do I need to use a certain kind of detergent to combat the virus?”

Check out our top tips on how to do laundry during the coronavirus pandemic.

Stay Protected While Handling Contaminated Items

Experts are saying that COVID-19 is most commonly spread through droplets that are dispersed when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Stay safe while handling potentially contaminated laundry by using gloves, and then washing your hands for at least 20 seconds with warm, soapy water when you’re finished. It is also important to note that you can wash contaminated clothing with non-contaminated clothing, so there is no need to divide them into separate loads.​

Source: Pinterest

Have the Right Supplies

The CDC currently feels that warmth and heat are beneficial for preventing the spread of the coronavirus. When doing your laundry, use warm or hot water to get the job done. It has not been proven yet that bleach can kill the virus, however, some speculate that it can help in the cleaning process. Use bleach in your loads of whites and light colors, or snag some detergent that has color-safe bleach included. There is no specific type or brand of detergent you should use, so whatever you have on hand will work perfectly.​

Keep Your Tools and Materials Clean

I’m sure you’re disinfecting every surface and item in your home, so don’t neglect your washer and dryer. Be sure to disinfect your bottles of detergent, fabric softener, and other laundry products you’re frequently touching. Keep the inside of your washer clean and free of any odor-causing residue with OdorCrush washing machine cleaner tablets. These are extremely helpful in preventing any potential laundry problems related to mold and mildew and helps to keep your laundry machine and clothing smelling clean and fresh. ​

We Can Do It

These are uncertain times, but we know that there is a certain comfort that comes with doing our due diligence to stay safe. Taking these precautions while doing your laundry will not only help your efforts to stay safe, but will also give you peace of mind. So grab your gloves, laundry detergent and cleaning products and get going - we’ve got this!​

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5 Most Common Laundry Problems: Solved!

Burning Stinging eyes

5 Most Common Laundry Problems: Solved!

Let’s look at the five most common laundry problems and how to solve them.

Doing laundry isn’t complicated. It’s also not as simple as throwing dirty laundry into the washing machine and leaving it at that. Often, when we pull clothes out of the washer or dryer, they don’t look – or smell – the way they should.

1. Pilling

Pilling” is those tiny bumps on fabric that makes almost new garments look tacky and old.



Pilling can happen when fabrics with short, weak, fuzzy fibers (towels, fleece, etc.) rub against fabrics with long, strong fibers (sheets and most synthetics).


For existing pills, run a hand-held, battery-powered razor along the surface of the bumpy material. Sharp blades will snip off those pills evenly. Be sure to lay the fabric on a firm surface so the razor can easily trim those annoying pills.

2. Colors Bleeding

Garments come with instructions on how to care for them for a good reason! Ignore at your own risk.

laundry products



3. Poor Absorbency

Your bath or kitchen towels aren’t as absorbent as they used to be. There’s a common culprit.



Excessive use of liquid fabric softener. Fabric softener leaves behind a coating on every item. This coating works to repel water, so your towels simply can’t absorb water like they used to.


Omit fabric softener altogether and let dryer balls soften your towels naturally in the dryer instead.

4. Smelly Wash

You know exactly what I mean – that musty odor that shouldn’t be coming from your freshly washed laundry.

smells the fresh clean laundry in the washing machine


A dirty washing machine. Cleaning your washing machine may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s necessary if you want clean clothes and a sanitary environment to wash them in.


Clean your washing machine regularly. Simply drop a washing cleaner tablet into an empty hot wash, Normal cycle, and let it do the work for you. Your washing machine will work more efficiently, and your clothes will come out cleaner.

5. Static Cling

I know it’s fun looking for missing socks and underwear inside other dryer items. Maybe not so much fun, however, having your clothes cling awkwardly to your body or feeling that little electrical pop when you touch something metal.
washing machine


Synthetic fiber clothing rubbing against each other in the dryer.


Forget the fabric softener sheets and go with wool dryer balls. Our all-natural Dryer Boost dryer balls remove static by separating each item, also speeding up drying time. At OdorCrush, we have natural and practical solutions to all your laundry problems.