Put an End to Your Smelly Washing Machine with OdorCrush

Ready to Try the Best Washing Machine Cleaner on the Market?

No matter how much you spend on your washing machine, eventually, it’s going to start to smell. Every make and model is susceptible — after all, when you wash dirty clothes, that dirt starts to permeate everything around it, including the inside of your washing machine.

No matter the reason your washing machine no longer smells as fresh as it used to, you’re looking for solution. You can’t just buy a whole new washer — what can you do?

OdorCrush Is the Solution to Your Problems

Not only do OdorCrush cleaning tablets improve the performance of your washing machine by removing stubborn gunk and grime that builds up inside the mechanism, they make it sparkle and smell as fresh as did it on the day you bought it.

The way they work is simple: OdorCrush tablets are made with a proprietary, non-toxic mix of detergents and eco-friendly cleaning agents.

To use OdorCrush, make sure the washer is empty. Simply take a tablet and put it directly in the washer tub (you can use two for severe odor issues). Run a single, hot cycle on normal settings, and that’s all there is to it.

See what others are saying:

"As a mother of three boys, my washer tends to smell worse than the average machine, but I thought I had two options: learn to live with it or replace it completely. That was before I learned about OdorCrush. Now I use it once a month and it keeps smells away for good!"
Tammy, 47
"I'm so lucky to have such a large family, but my washer and drier really get a workout. OdorCrush helps me keep my washer fresh, even with multiple loads a day!"
Karen, 42
"I'm a pretty serious runner, and frequently washing my sweaty running clothes and shoes was a nightmare for my washing machine — my wife can attest! After OdorCrush, I can wash even the sweatiest, smelliest clothes without worrying about the consequences"
Dan, 28

Your Solution For A Fresh, Clean Washing Machine!

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