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Enjoy long-lasting, chemical-free fabric softness with our 6 XL 100% Premium New Zealand wool dryer balls. Swap out your dryer sheets for these Dryerboost dryer balls to shorten drying time, reduce wrinkles, and soften fabric. They’re reusable and will last for thousands of drying cycles. Save energy, save time, and help the environment by producing less waste.

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✔ New and Improved Dryer Balls

At OdorCrush we developed a refined solution: wool dryer balls made from natural sheep’s wool. They work just like dryer sheets, except they’re reusable, chemical-free, and odor-free. They won’t leave residue on your clothes and you won’t have to worry about putting your family at risk when you use them.

Here’s how to use our wool dryer balls:

Place them straight into the dryer with your clothes — just like a dryer sheet. They not only eliminate static, but they’ll also help your dryer run more efficiently by retaining heat within the dryer balls and reducing drying time. Use 1-2 dryer balls for small loads, 3-4 for medium size loads, and 5-6 for large loads.

✔ Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Dryer sheets and fabric softener aren’t reusable. Eco-friendly dryer balls, on the other hand, can be used for more than one thousand loads before needing replacement. Aside from offering fantastic value for your money, they’re also free of harsh chemicals.

In addition to their reusable feature, our wool dryer balls also absorb some of the water from your wet laundry. This allows your laundry to dry quicker, thereby helping your dryer run more efficiently.

✔ Gentle

A frequent complaint of those who use dryer sheets is the irritating residue left behind on their clothes. In some cases, toxic smells are also emitted which exacerbate allergies when clothes come out of the dryer.

Dryer balls don’t have the same issues— they’re free of chemicals, odors, and won’t leave any uncomfortable allergy-causing build-up on fabric.

✔ Effective

More importantly than the eco-friendly, health and comfort benefits of switching to our 100% Premium New Zealand wool dryer balls, is this simple fact: they work.

Our wool dryer balls remove both static and wrinkles from clothes while ensuring that your clothes are  as soft as possible when they come out of the dryer.

Make your life easier and switch to OdorCrush wool dryer balls to reap these benefits — you won’t go back!


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