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You receive 6 tablets, 1 for each machine cleaning cycle to cleanse and maintain a fresh and clean washing machine.

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Have you ever run a load of laundry and at the end, it just doesn’t smell clean & fresh? It could be coming from residues left behind in your washer. Washers today use less water, which can leave behind residues inside of the machine –including areas you can’t see. These residues can lead to the build-up of unpleasant odors, which can be transferred to your laundry.

Now it’s easy to add long-lasting freshness to every load of laundry. OdorCrush is designed to penetrate, dissolve and remove odor-causing bacteria and build up that can occur in all types of washing machines. Say goodbye to musty smells on your clothes. When your washer is clean, your detergent can work better and your clothes come out of the wash smelling like new.


OdorCrush Washing Machine Cleaner cleanses deeply, removing musty smells and bacteria deposits in both washers and clothing.


Expertly designed to supercharge your washing machine and help remove odor-causing residues in any washer.


OdorCrush has been created to help remove and dissolve odor causing residues that may build up in your washer over time – even from those areas you can’t see! Proper care for your machine, which includes running monthly clean-outs with OdorCrush Washing Machine Cleaner to help remove these residues and keep them from causing laundry problems in the future.


My washer literally stopped working, the repairman told me to clean a couple of times and this small tablet saved it all, no problems washing clothes ever since.
I got the product very quickly. I used it & noticed a big difference in the washing machine. A nice scent & clean.
Washer looked clean when done. Will stick with this brand

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Save Money – Reduce Drying Time
Are You Ready to Stop Using Harsh Chemicals Toxic to Your Family and the Environment?

Start Drying Your Clothes With Confidence! Enjoy long-lasting, chemical free fabric softness with our 100% Premium New Zealand wool dryer balls.

New! Dryerboost Dryer Balls will replace your traditional dryer sheets to shorten drying time, reduce wrinkles and soften fabric.

Completely free of toxic chemicals, these organic wool dryer balls are a safe alternative to naturally soften your laundry while saving energy and reducing drying time!

Here’s Why You Need Wool Dryer Balls

These days, everyone is looking for more sustainable solutions that make their daily lives more environmentally friendly. Wool dryer balls aren’t just eco-friendly, but cost-effective and convenient as well! Here’s how they work and why OdorCrush makes the best dryer balls on the market:

The Problem with Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets have always been the standard dryer add-ins, but there are some problems:

  • Dryer sheets can leave residue and unnatural perfume odors on your clothes

  • Dryer sheets may be made with toxic chemicals — in fact, one study found that the chemicals released by a few popular dryer sheet brands during a dry cycle was more than some kitchen cleaning supplies.

Dryer sheets might be putting your family at more of a risk than you may have realized, not to mention the fact they’re not sustainable (they’re disposable) and the perfumes they use can worsen the respiratory symptoms and allergies in some users.

And fabric softener is hardly any better, with irritating perfumes, chemical ingredients, and unsustainable, recurring costs. There just has to be a better solution, right?


At OdorCrush, we looked for a solution ourselves, and developed one: wool dryer balls. They work just like dryer sheets, except they’re reusable, chemical-free, and odor-free. They don’t leave residue on your clothes, and you don’t have to worry about putting your family at risk when you use them.

ECO Friendly

  • Dryer Balls Are Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

    Dryer sheets, and fabric softener aren’t reusable. Dryer balls, on the other hand, are known to last over one thousand loads before needing to be replaced. Not only is this a fantastic value for your money, dryer balls don’t contain the same harsh chemicals as the alternatives.

    Adding to their eco-friendly grade, wool dryer balls actually absorb some of the water from your wet laundry, helping clothes dry quicker and your dryer run more efficiently.

Gentle on clothes

  • Dryer Balls Are Gentle

    Many people who use dryer sheets when they dry their clothes complain of irritating residue on their clothes, or toxic smells that exacerbate allergies when clothes come out the dryer.

    Dryer balls don’t have the same downsides — they’re free of chemicals and odors, and they won’t leave uncomfortable residue on your clothes.

100% Effective

  • Dryer Balls Are Effective

    Sure, dryer balls are friendlier to the environment and to your family’s health and comfort, but most importantly, they work. Dryer balls remove static and wrinkles from clothes, and they ensure that when your clothes and linens are removed from the dryer, they’re as soft as possible.

    We know that when you try OdorCrush wool dryer balls, you’ll agree — these are the best dryer balls on the market.

How do they work?

Your dryer machines works by tumbling clothes to create separation between items so that hot air can circulate and dry the clothes. Without that separation between clothing items, you would have a damp pile just sitting in a hot chamber, which would take a much longer time to dry.

Dryer balls work to reduce drying time by enhancing the effect of tumbling that dryers already create. As they bounce around in the dryer‘s chamber, they work their way between items creating even more separation allowing air to circulate easier and dry clothes faster.

The Dryerboost Dryer Balls tumble around in your dryer with your laundry and separate it, creating pockets of air to speed up the drying process. While they bounce around, they also fluff the laundry, soak up some of the water, reduce wrinkles, soften fabric, and reduce static cling.

Expert tip: Use your favorite essential natural oil like lavender, citrus, etc. to add a fresh scent.

Forget Air Fresheners: Banish Odors with Activated Charcoal Air Purifying Bags

Homeowners from coast to coast are raving about activated bamboo charcoal air purifying bags as the new frontier of indoor air purification — they’re effective, natural, and sustainable (not to mention, a great moisture eliminator), making them the gold standard solution for a challenge that we’ve been trying for centuries to fight: indoor odors.

Here’s why activated charcoal is a better option than traditional air-fresheners.

The Case Against So-Called “Air-Fresheners”

There are a wide variety of different air-fresheners, candles, and sprays on the market, but they all have one thing in common: they smell. Whether it’s a sickly floral overdose, an overpowering explosion of mint, faux-herbal odors or something else, most air fresheners create smells that are just as irritating as those they’re being used to eliminate.

These products also present risk. Depending on which air freshener you use, you could also be putting your family in danger by using them. Air fresheners are made with non-natural and toxic ingredients, and as a result, they can release hazardous VOCs (volatile organic compounds) when used. This can increase the risk of COPD, asthma and other lung and respiratory diseases for you and your loved ones.

There has to be a better way to remove odors and unwanted moisture from your home, right?

Introducing Charcoal Air Purifying Bags

As it turns out, the solution is more accessible than you may have thought. The answer is activated charcoal.


Activated bamboo charcoal is different from the stuff you put into your grill. It’s a finely cultivated charcoal made from charred bamboo that undergoes “activation” a process of slow heating in order for the charcoal to oxidize. This gives it its unique ability to remove odors, moisture, and other contaminants from the air.

This is important, because when something smells, it’s because of moisture. You won’t smell rotting fruit or sweaty socks until their particles go airborne and they need moisture to do that.

Therefore, you don’t just need something to cover the smell, you need something to eliminate them, and that starts with a great moisture eliminator.

That’s Where Charcoal Bags Come Into the Equation

Activated bamboo charcoal neutralizes odors with a negative ionic charge that attracts the airborne moisture molecules that carry them. Only activated charcoal is an effective moisture eliminator, meaning that unlike other air-purifying products, only charcoal air purifying bags can effectively banish unwanted odors from the inside out.

The advantages of using charcoal bags over conventional “air fresheners” are clear:

You can breathe cleaner air with just a few bamboo charcoal bags placed strategically around your home. This type of charcoal is non-toxic, meaning that you can live with the peace of mind that comes with knowing odors are being eliminated in a natural way that won’t put your family and pets at risk.

Charcoal air purifying bags are also environmentally friendly — not only are they able to be renewed and reactivated by direct sunlight alone, bamboo is a plant that grows extremely fast. After a few years, when it’s time to replace your charcoal bags, just deposit the contents of your bags into your garden and replace them sustainably.


It’s laundry day. You lug a basket filled with dirty laundry to the washing machine and dump everything inside. Then you reach for that big, heavy, economy-size bottle of laundry detergent.

But then you brighten up because you remember you don’t need messy and expensive detergent anymore! Maybe you even do a little happy dance because you know you have a better, cheaper, and easier way to get your clothes sparkling clean. That can be you!


The OdorCrush Laundry Ball

At OdorCrush, we are always at work, developing the most effective natural laundry products for your home and your family. If you’ve experienced our other laundry room products, you’ll be delighted to know that we can now offer you our latest tool for making your laundry day even more effortless.

Enter our newest member, the OdorCrush Ceramic Laundry Ball. The OdorCrush Ceramic Laundry Ball is a revolutionary new way to get your entire laundry load cleaner, faster. It will start saving you money right away – it’s a one-time purchase that will last up to 1,500 wash loads.

Considering the average family runs around 300 loads of laundry each year, each Laundry Ball will last you around five years. And if you only do one load per week, well, you can do the math on that one. Your savings could amount to hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year. Now that’s worth doing a little dance over!

How Does It Work?

New applications for Bioceramic technology are constantly being discovered. The term bioceramics refer to ceramics that are compatible with human biology. Various ceramics and mineral oxides are mixed and then heated to approximately 3,000 degrees. Once cooled, the material is now a bioceramic.

Bioceramics have been used in medicine to replace bone material in the body and in the mouth, where they are usually rigid but can also be flexible.

The OdorCrush Laundry Ball contains a soft, smooth, non-toxic outer shell that is gentle on your clothing and your washing machine. Sealed inside are four types of little ceramic balls that contain elements with properties that work together to break down and remove dirt, stains, mold, and more, ensuring your laundry comes out fresh and clean.

How Do I Use It?

We make safe and effective natural products that are easy to use. So, it should come as no surprise that all you need to do is toss one or more OdorCrush Laundry Balls into your wash load, choose your settings, and press start. That’s it!

The OdorCrush Laundry Ball will truly revolutionize the way you think about and do laundry. Don’t wait, order yours today!

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